Releasing Duck Hunt: VR for the HTC Vive

A few people have been asking for it, so I'm packaging the project up for anyone who wants to try it.

EDIT: Turns out there's a bug with the UI renderer in the version of Unreal I built this with- it only manifests itself in release binary builds, not in the builds that run in the editor. It causes crashes after a few days ingame. I'll rebuild this binary at some point in the future.

Here's the original postmortem about the project, before I added Vive support.

Few words of caution:

  • This was a solo project made in 24 hours for Global Game Jam 2016.
  • In my opinion, it's pretty boring, even when the difficulty ramps up. I made this because it was a manageable/polishable/cool idea for a single person to make in 24 hours.
  • Shoot the door to leave the skeet shooting minigame and shoot ducks.
  • You have 3 shots per round, but there are multiple ducks per round once day 3 starts.
  • There is no real lose condition.

Runs on the HTC Vive. I removed support for the homebrew NES zapper hardware and replaced it with the Vive controller.

There's no locomotion, the game is designed to be played in any sized space without having to move around. It was demo'd at various events for my school, promoting our CS department as an example of something you could make during Global Game Jam, and so it's been simplified a bit since I originally created it so people understand it right away. Shilling for NJIT makes me want to cry, but introducing prospective students to gamedev is worth it, ay?

Direct Link / Mega Mirror

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