Penumbra: VR Release 0.1!

First release of Penumbra: VR for the HTC Vive! Just in time for the Steam sale (Penumbra for $1.99).

Download here.


If you don't have the Visual Studio 2015 (x86 version) installed, please install it now from here:

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the latest Penumbra: VR release.
  2. Copy all the files into your Penumbra: Overture "redist" directory.
  3. Make sure SteamVR is running, and double-click on "Penumbra_vr.exe".
  4. To improve performance, look in the options menu under "VR Settings" and disable "render to monitor".
  5. Enjoy!

The VR Tutorial is a work in progress.

Please contact me if you have any problems or suggestions:
Reddit, Twitter or my E-Mail.

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source code on github

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